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Akruu has evolved into PointsPay.com

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Akruu.com is no longer available. But we've taken the same functionality and added more for you at PointsPay.com. While you can continue to earn points with your favourite retailer as before, you can now also:

  • Spend your points at these retailers
  • Pay your transaction with a combination of points and cash
  • Earn more points on the cash portion that you spend
  • Start shopping directly at the retailer’s website
  • Enhance your shopping experience and access offers using the PointsPay shopping assistant ( download here )
  • Add multiple programs to your PointsPay account
  • Manage all your points/miles in one place

All points earned on Akruu.com will be credited as usual.

We are adding more and more loyalty programs to PointsPay every day, so look out for your program to pop up.

We are looking forward to having you on PointsPay!